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1 - Should the solution be installed locally?

At STRATOW we opted for SAAS (Software As A Service), so we chose 100% online software. It is therefore not possible to install our solutions directly on your machines.

2 - Is the solution secure?

Our STRATOW platforms are private and secure. It is necessary to use a login and a password to connect to it. Security is our priority.

3 - Where are the data hosted?

At STRATOW, 100% French is important, so all data on our platforms are hosted in France.

Our servers are in Paris, Marseille, Gravelines and Lyon; at OVH, Ganghi and Jaguar Network.

4 - Are the solutions available on mobile and tablet?

All of our STRATOW solutions are available on mobiles and tablets. The responsivity of our applications has been studied to allow you a good user experience on all possible media.

5 - Are the solutions multilingual?

Today, our STRATOW solutions are available in 2 languages: French and English.

But other languages, such as Spanish, will soon be created for each of our solutions.

If the language you want is not available, contact us, we will be happy to include it in our products.

6 - Are the platforms configurable?

All of our STRATOW platforms are 100% configurable. It is during our various workshops that you will define your requirements in terms of design of your interface.

7 - How does pricing work?

The price of our solutions varies depending on the type of solution, the volume of documents processed and the features you want to use. Click here to contact our team.


Payment is 50% when ordering the solution and 50% on delivery.

8 - What is the commitment period?

When you engage with STRATOW, the term of the contract is one year with a tacit renewal.


Note that the payment of our solutions is in the form of annual rent, calculated when ordering the solution and adjustable if necessary.

9 - Can I recover my data after the breach of contract?

Throughout your STRATOW subscription, you are the owner of your data and can request a recovery at any time.

During a breach of contract, it is obvious that your data will be returned to you.


Be careful anyway, a cost may be incurred following the delay between the breach of contract and the request for return of data.

10 - Is it possible to connect the solution to our ERP?

Our solutions are fully connectable with your ERP.

Many of our customers are, and that's no problem.


The main ERPs to which our solutions are connected: SAP, PRIOS, SAGE, ORACLE

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